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Noah's Ark & The Biblical Flood

Are These Mythical Stories Also Factual?

Nearly 200 ancient cultures with the capability to keep a written or oral history have records of an all-encompassing flood -- one with astonishing parallels to the biblical account of Noah's Ark. Was there a deluge of such enormous proportion that it covered the entire earth? Has modern technology finally answered these questions?

Some scientists now believe the biblical record of a worldwide flood can account for all the world's geographic anomalies -- geologic abnormalities that, until now, have defied explanation. Astonishing new theories explain the flood that may have inundated the world in ancient times.. Download Mp3 Gratis Lagu Indonesia di gratis. Download Mp3 Gratis Lagu Indonesia di - Download Lagu Terbaru - lagu favorit dari tahun. Share artikel untuk mendukung kami

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